Why you should have dry shampoo in your life…

Why you should have dry shampoo in your life…

a) Cause it’s ah-may-zing!

b) It makes your life easier. (Don’t you want to save 30+ minutes in your get ready for the day routine? Or do you hate sleep?)

c) It gives your hair oomph! Volume = sexy šŸ˜‰

d) Gives your blow dried, flat ironed, curled hair a break.

e) Makes your color last longer! Less shampooing = less fading!

It really is an awesome product. It has been around for ages but has seen a comeback in recent years. This is how I only wash my hair 2 – 3 times a week (and yes I work out, sweat, put products in my hair, and touch my hair).

So the breakdown:

Dry Shampoo is a spray powder like product, that goes on at the roots, and soaks up excess oils and produces a matte finish. It does give a textured feel to the root area which helps produce lift and add volume to the hair.
To use just spray on your root area throughout the hair, especially around the crown, part, and bang areas. (It might look weird and like white spray in your hair but don’t worry you work it in!) Wait for a minute and then tousle with your fingers or brush through your hair to distribute fully.
It can be used on thick hair, thin hair, colored hair, curly hair, etc etc etc.

My favorite dry shampoo:

TIGI Rockaholic – Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

Now go and frolic in your dirty hair and sleep in!


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