Superhero Looks

Superhero Looks

So first post, yay! Welcome.

It has been a busy day so this post is going to be a short one. Longer, more information rich posts to come in the future. I promise.

So who has seen The Avengers? I gotta say I loved it, but I love almost all the Marvel comic movies.  It is pretty much superhero awesomeness (hotness?) and to go with that awesomeness are some hair things I really think need to be in my life, like right now.

Avengers Logo Marvel Comics Glitter Headband by douloux

POW super hero embroidered hair barrette by HeatherOstrow

No one would judge me for wearing these right?

I also think this might need to be my new apron for the studio:

Marvel Apron by HandMade’ns Crafts

There are also a bunch of other fabulous “POW!” “BAM!” “KAPOW!” “BOOM!” etc fascinators on Etsy I also need in my life.

So I find first blog posts awkward, so I decided to just start randomly…like with comic book hair things, cause its fun!


One thought on “Superhero Looks

  1. Super excited to keep up with your blog! So proud of you and what you are doing in your life. Also, I need a hair piece that says “KAPOW”!!!!

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